Registration Deadline is March 2, 2025

Cost is $200, deposit of $100 due at registration



  • MARINES is for any youth in grades 7-12 in the Crystal Springs/Copiah County area.

  • MARINES happens at the Durr Wise Retreat Center located at Camp Wesley Pines in Gallman, MS. 

  • For students who attend Copiah Academy we will take you to school using our church bus or with parental permission, senior high are allowed to drive. For those who attend other schools or are home-schooled, other accommodations will need to be made.

  • All our school have graciously agreed to allow the students participating in MARINES wear their grey or black "IN TRAINING" shirts for the days of MARINES. (Yes, we wash them every day!) All other school uniform policies apply. 

  • Depending on the activity and where it’s located, we’ll either pick you up after your practice and get you back to camp or your parents may help get you back if its a game or something farther away.

  • Yes. 

    In today's hyper-connected world, taking a break from social media and all that comes with it will benefit you way more than you could ever imagine. In all our years of doing this, no one ... not one person - who ever went all in and gave up their cell phone ever regretted it. However, there have been plenty who didn't and cheated and later admitted they only cheated themselves and regret not focusing on Christ whole heartedly. 

  • We have a study hall room available with wifi and we'll give you the password for your school laptop. If you need a hot spot, one of the chaperones will set one up for you.

  • Don't let that keep you from doing MARINES! As long as you are trying to do something! If you need to alter the exercise or do a different one - that's fine! We'll help you come up with something you CAN do! 


MARINES is a week of advanced spiritual training! The Marines are a group of the most disciplined students who are dedicated to deepening their relationship with Jesus and growing the God's Kingdom . It is the highest level of Discipleship training. A MARINE is someone who puts God first above all other things in life. A MARINE gives 110% in every aspect of life to benefit others and let Christ be seen in them. Though many will watch and expect you to fall, a MARINE lives the highest example of a Christian walk.

The objective of the week is to develop Christian young people through discipline and leadership.