Sunday School


The focus of this class is to study God's word, discuss how we can apply biblical truths to our lives, learn how to share our testimonies with our words and actions, and to fellowship and serve others outside of class time. The class begins each Sunday morning at 9:45 am. We meet in the children's building. It will be the class straight ahead once you enter the building. Please come join us. You will be welcomed!! For more information, contact David and Kim Shumaker at 601-892-1357 or you can email them here.


The Seekers Sunday School Class is a vibrant and active group of adults who meet in the Conference Room by the church office. They begin gathering at 9:45am. They have a great group of faithful members. They will work through a book of the Bible while everyone participates in the discussions. They really have fun serving The Lord. In addition to their weekly meetings, they also sponsor the Church-wide Christmas Caroling every year. Class leaders are Gary & Pam Davis. For more information you may email Pam Davis or call her at 601-372-0299.


The Jerry Lamar Sunday School Class meets on the first floor of the Education Building, handily just outside the coffee room! They are the oldest active class at CSUMC. It is the "church home" for the Senior Adults but anyone is welcome! They are led by an excellent teacher, Paul Davis. Time together is full of questions and comments which often lead to lively and informative discussions. They also try to have some sort of party or an "eating outing" as often as possible. They have an annual Halloween (no evil allowed, just food and fellowship) party with costumes being optional. They also have a Christmas party to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Don Lee is the class contact and may be reached at 601-892-1152.


The Ladies Discussion Class meets on the first floor of the Education Building. They are a group of dedicated women who search the Word and want to grow in Christ. Beba Roman is the teach and you may contact her at


The Business Men's Class is a well established class for men. They meet in the "little" kitchen off the gym in the Family Life Center. They begin gathering anytime after 9:00am but usually start around 9:50am. First of all, you don't have to be a businessman! They take a direct approach to scripture. They prod, question, engage, and dare to ask why to both the Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible. They read scripture aloud as it was intended and then place it in context of who was speaking, what subject was being written about, and what he purpose was in writing that particular text. They welcome the literalist and those who are not. Discussion is always respectful, lively, and centered on the Bible. They faithfully support all the ministries of the church and the Kingdom. For more information contact Bob Lawrence (601-892-3127) or Mack Pitts (601-594-8317).


We have Sunday School for 4k - sixth grade at 9:45am! Click HERE for more information or you may email inquiries to


APEX Youth meets in the APEX across the street from the Main Campus. This group of Youth Disciples meet at 10:03 and weekly focus on their walk with Christ. This class is for youth in grades 7-12. For more information, you may email or click HERE to go to our page.